Audiobooks (english)

The purpose of this project is to provide a guide for visitors to discover our town over the centuries. The audiobook has been divided into chapters illustrating the main historical events that characterized Lavello.


History pills

1-      From the Neolithic Period to the Romanization

2-      Pescarello and the Middle Age in Lavello

3-      Lavello in the Modern Age

4-      Lavello in the Contemporary Age

5-      History of Gaudiano township

6-      “Askos Catarinella”III sec. a.C.- archeological finds

The personages

7-      Corrado IV di of Svevia

8-      Angelo Tartaglia from Lavello, venture captain

9-      Francesco Villareale, intellectual

10-   Giovanni Montano, doctor and discoverer of favism

11-   Francesco Finiguerra, military general

12-   Savino Cossidente


01 - From Neolithic to Romanization_ENG

02 - Pescarello and The Middle Age_ENG

03 - Lavello in the Modern Age_ENG

04 - Lavello in the Contemporary Age_ENG


06-Askos Catarinella_ENG

07- Corrado IV di Svevia_ENG

08- Angelo Tartaglia_ENG

09- Francesco Villareale_ENG

10- Giovanni Montano_ENG

11- Generale Francesco Finiguerra_ENG

12- Savino Cossidente_ENG